paragliding lessons

Learning to fly is an empowering and freeing thing. We make flight accessible to more people by giving free lessons to those who have always dreamt of flying. Here is a project we’ve done with motivational speaker and amputee, Anthony Jennings.

tandem flights

If you can believe the healing effects of Fly VR, can you imagine the transformation a real-life flight can have on people? We’ve seen it first hand! We’ve been told that their flight experience was “life-changing”. We’ve seen the childhood wonder restored to burnt out grown-ups. We’ve had people laugh and cry out of sheer joy and disbelief that they were just soaring like birds...a dream come to life.

virtual reality flight simulations

With flight simulating technology by Fly VR and Oculus Rift, this technology has allowed anyone and everyone to taste the magic of paragliding. We bring this set-up to children’s hospitals, to benefits, to demonstrations and events. The effect this experience has on the brain has been proven to enhance neurological healing and strengthen the immune system. 

healthy living

We believe that it is a basic right for everyone to have access to good nutrients and clean water. We have traveled across the globe to deliver water filters to countries in need, and we have shared impassioned knowledge with those we encounter about health facts and myths. We are ambassadors for a company we believe is making great headway in "Empowering Extraordinary Health" — Garden of Life, and we share their product wherever we go. Wherever we are set up for an event or demo, we prep people with the knowledge of how to take good care of themselves for a healthy life of adventure with the nutrients their bodies need. 

Paragliding + skydiving demos

Kids and adults alike often see flying humans as “super-heros”, and we aim to be known as the approachable super-heros that give back.


ground school / pre-flight activities

Paper airplane contests, power kiting, parachute play, etc. Using flight as a metaphor, we teach positive lessons to kids and teens to apply in life.

film making & marketing for great causes

We have relationships with a lot of non-profits doing great things in the world, and our team of professional creatives want to put our skills to good use by highlighting what they’re doing — bringing awareness to more people to make a greater impact. Here and here are a few examples of our work.