Outfound Series

The OutFound Series is a three-day adventure sports & outdoor innovation festival in Hood River, Oregon.

The OutFound Series is a three-day adventure sports & outdoor innovation festival, and this was the first year it took place in Hood River, Oregon. Our team at Flight for the Cause was excited for the opportunity to post up at this festival where we had the opportunity to play hard and work hard, spreading awareness of our mission & sharing what is required to make the impact that is most important to us. We were excited to meet and reunite with so many amazing athletes and innovators like professional climber & filmmaker Cedar Wright, Shelby Stanger who has an always interesting podcast called Wild Ideas Worth Living, Bryan Papé founder of Miir and the Product to Project movement, Sally Bergesen founder of women's outdoor clothing line, Oiselle, professional athlete and motivational speaker, Damien Leroy, old friend and very talented outdoor photographer, Boone Speed, and so many more amazing folks.

Wherever the OutFound Series lands for 2018, we hope you can make it to this incredible festival. You will meet and be inspired by these folks in the outdoor industry who are taking big ideas to new heights. It is a conglomeration of people who care about the quality of life for all, and remind us to think outside of the box when solving problems, living healthfully, taking care of our environment and so much more.

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