Giving Back To Mexico

Our teammate Ari has a special place in his heart for Mexico. He has gathered hundreds of experiences and logged twenty-something visits to various locations around the country. It was Mexico where he met his wife, learned Spanish, and cut his teeth as an international traveler. 

During a recent trip, Ari climbed a mountain that he noticed was heavily littered in trash, so he resolved that on his next trip to Mexico he would gather a team to do a cleanup. It was overdue to return something good to the country that had given him so much. That flame of motivation spread like wildfire to the many he spoke to about the clean-up, and more opportunities to serve had surfaced: A home of 18 elderly women with degenerative mental health issues were in dire need of supplies, a children's hospital with sick and discouraged kids needed some magic and a smile, an orphanage of 20 girls needed loving and attentive visitors to brighten their days...there was so much more than a mountain to tend to.

It didn't take long for Ari to organize a team of excited helpers to offer their hands. Things had fallen together in a way he could not have planned for alone. A large team made the mountain clean-up a breeze. A custom spiderman suit enabled the team to bring smiles and laughter to the kids in the hospital. Supplies were found and gathered for the elderly women. The orphanage got new socks, necklaces, hair ties, and bracelets (these were gold to the girls). There at the orphanage Ari also got to utilize his passion of highlining which has given him wisdom to impart in story form; advising how to stand back up when you fall down and life gets hard. 

We tend to forget that the impact always ends up being in the human interactions rather than the supplies brought or the duties done. There are things many of us take for granted like hugs, conversation, smiles and laughter — and we saw that over the supplies, the simple interactions were like water to a parched people. We were reminded that you don't need money or a complicated scheme to improve this world or the lives of those around you. No matter your race, gender, class, or age, you are sufficiently equipped to trigger the butterfly effect that kindness stirs up.

sarah collins