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We are on a mission to enrich society by sharing the joy, inspiration, and opportunities flying unlocks for people.
FFTC ambassadors are incredible people all connected through flight. See how flying has positively changed their lives and lives around them!

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Teaching Hollywood's One Legged Guy

Anthony Jennings has turned what most people would consider to be a life debilitating condition into a thriving passion and business for himself and his family.

Wes Coughlin
January 1, 2020
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Read these testimonials on how flying positively affects lives.

"Flying helps catapult my story to encourage others!"

Anthony Jennings
Amputee Actor
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"Flying helps catapult my story to encourage others!"

"Flight is just really mysterious, there is just something really awesome and pretty indescribable about getting to fly. Its silent and yet you are soaring around. "

Anthony Jennings